Claims & Clarification: Foreskin Sensitivity to Stimulation

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  1. Eddie says:

    As an 70+ year old UNcut male, I can attest to the comments made by my male friends in my early years of sexual encounters that started when I was in my youth. All of my males that were NOT born in a hospital, were NOT circumcised. These guys (and I) were all born in the late 30’s and early 40’s, and believe me I had a variety of male friends because of our nomadic living (my Dad’s job). Without exception, my male friends that WERE circumcised, stated that their glands were not extremely sensitive to touch and fondling as compared to MY glands AND foreskin that were EXTREMELY sensitive to touch, fondling, and sucking (guys do this you know). When I reached puberty, I could ejaculate with me or one of my friends fondling my glands with my 4-skin retracted back behind my glands. No masturbation (jacking) was required.
    So, my conclusion is that circumcision does in fact “desensitize” the male penis. One more point: I had a buddy that lived directly across the street from me and we went thru puberty at the same time. We had many, many sexual encounters with each other and when we turned 20, he told me that he was getting circumcised for some reason that I do not recall. About 3 months after his operation, we had an opportunity to masturbate together. After we had ejaculated, he told me that he sure would like to have his foreskin back and that his glands had become less sensitive.

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