About Me

I’m convinced that big dildos and good lube are among the keys to happiness. Your mileage may vary. I won’t tell you, “Every vulva-owner should get this toy,” and I won’t try to be funny, but I’ll present to you my personal experiences and perspectives you may or may not have considered.

I’ll be posting reviews, personal experiences, and artwork. My mission is more about upholding sexuality’s role in a mindful and ecstatic life philosophy. I love sharing sexy stories because sex blogging is dedicated to feeling good. It doesn’t matter what my body looks like or what emotional scars I carry; here, I drop my expectations and revel in just how wonderful it is to be able to feel the pleasure I feel.

What kind of toys do I like?


In the sex blogosphere, you’ll find size queens, power queens, texture sluts, and curve connoisseurs. I’m rather faint of vagina in most departments, but the main feature I have a penchant for is length. I love stimulation in my cul-de-sac, cervical orgasms and being bottomed out. How much length I take depends on the girth, firmness, and shape of the toy, but you’ll find that I most frequently reach for thrustable toys of 7″ or longer.

For practical purposes, I will use “cervical stimulation” as an umbrella term when I’m referring to the cervix, the anterior fornix (the dip just in front of the cervix), and the posterior fornix (just behind the cervix) in general. If there’s a toy that’s specifically good for the posterior fornix or anterior fornix in particular, I’ll mention that.

The main thing a reader needs to know about my G-spot is that it’s hella easily irritated. Steep curves grind on my pubic bone and exaggerated realistic heads register as being scratchy. I’m also a wimp when it comes to texture.

We’re all built differently, and what you get from my reviews depends on how similar or different we are. I won’t go very in-depth into specifications or information you can find on the product page. First and foremost I want to describe my experiences.


Clitoral vibrations aren’t my main thing, but I love patterned internal vibrations. Don’t come after me with the pitchforks for that! With clit vibes, even though the majority of them will induce orgasms in me, few will have Goldilocks’ “just right” in vibration pitch and intensity to give me the kind of orgasms I want: quick, intense, back-to-back, with little to no refractory period.

Vibrations too powerful give me short, fleeting orgasms. Vibrations too fast and buzzy have that same problem AND feel pinchy. Slow and shallow vibrations give me a decent plateau but not very intense. The tl;dr is that I like slow, deep vibrations.

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Email address: supersmashcache@gmail.com