Bodywand Midnight review: powerful wand vibrator with dial control

Update: This review was written more than two years ago. This toy has very similar vibrations to the Hitachi Magic Wand Original: acceptable, but I’m not in love. Find out why in my update.

The Bodywand Midnight has a very long cord

Wand-style vibrators are designed for power. While I was curious about them, there was an off-chance that maybe power just wasn’t for me. Indeed, the dial control makes the Bodywand Midnight a great option for a first wand, but the broad head and fast vibrations don’t get along well with my clitoris.

Would I buy it with my money? Probably not. I rarely used it and mainly kept it around to let other people play with. Ultimately, I gave it to a power queen friend.

The only other vibrator I’ve tried with remotely comparable power is the We-Vibe Tango, whose main drawbacks in my eyes were the wide increments between settings and the inability to turn the power down. The Bodywand Midnight’s dial control solves these two problems by allowing the user to choose from a continuous power range. They can turn the power up and down as needed, while still maintaining simplicity.

Bodywand Midnight vs. Hitachi Magic Wand Original

The Bodywand’s highest setting, has about the same power as the lower of the two speeds on the Hitachi Magic Wand Original. However, even the bottom end of the range is super powerful.

The bad news is that this toy doesn’t have the low speeds with high rumble I expected; the Bodywand’s speeds are moderate to high frequency. This can be numbing. The good news is that the powerful vibrations are broad enough for me to still enjoy by putting wand’s the head between my inner thigh and labia. This lets the stimulation travel to my vulva indirectly so that I don’t go numb; putting it on my clit can be problematic because I go numb so fast. I have to keep switching sides to make sure I don’t get overstimulated.

One place I see the continuous range being useful is if you were to pass the Bodywand around among a group of sexy friends. There’s a really good chance that most would find some way to enjoy it without taking their pants off. I actually don’t recommend trying it without pants until you try it with pants and see how you handle the power.

Care and discretion

The Bodywand Midnight Original plugs into the wallIf you’re using it directly on your genitals, keep in mind that the Bodywand’s head is made of thermoplastic rubber; you can wash the surface, but you can’t fully sanitize it. I suggest getting a silicone cover for sanitation purposes. It’s not too hard to find because any attachment that fits on the Magic Wand Original also fits on the Bodywand.

Lastly, it would be foolish to believe every sex toy package declaring, “whisper quiet,” especially for wands. The Bodywand is quiet enough that it can’t be heard from under the covers through a closed door, that’s not saying much. It does get louder as you turn the power up. If discretion is a must, it’s not for you.


The Magic Wand Original generally costs $60, and the Bodywand costs $70. For that $10 in difference, you sacrifice some power, but you get far, far more versatility. If you know you’re a power queen or that you’re picky about vibrations, you may have to do some digging to find just the right wand for you. If you’re looking for a first wand, though? I’d recommend the Bodywand to a variety of people.


This toy was sent to me in exchange for a review, giving me a chance to try out a toy I otherwise would have been intimidated by. All views expressed are entirely my own.

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