Great Sex Toys on a Budget

Finding an effective sex toy on a budget (for purposes of this article, under $50) is possible, but it’s hard to meet the crossroads between a toy that suits a lot of people and performs its specific task very well (and, of course, made of body-safe materials that won’t make the user sick).

I’ve updated this in 2017, two years after I initially posted it, to better reflect my changing tastes in sex toys.

Also, in 2018, it seems like every other week, I’m reviewing a rad sex toy under $50. It’s hard to update this list every single time I review one, so I’ve also made the Deals & Steals tag so that it’s easier for you to stay up-to date.

G-spot dildos

I’ve personally tried and recommend:

Marc Dorcel SO

The Marc Dorcel SO  is a 9″ long double-ended silicone dildo with a bulbous head on either side. If you’re looking for a generously sized and versatile G-spot dildo, this is for you. It’s also straight-shafted, making it a great option for those who might find curves too intense.

The big end, 1.75″ wide is filling and firm, pushing and rubbing against my G-spot with practically no effort. The small end, 1.4″ wide, has more give and isn’t great for G-spotting, but during deep penetration puts pressure on my cervix and anterior fornix, and shallow penetration lets the two ridges on the shaft rub against my urethral sponge.

AND THIS DILDO GLOWS IN THE DARK. Find it at SheVibe for $35.

Chrystalino Champ

The Chrystalino Champ is one of the most versatile toys I’ve ever tried. Find my full review here. You can find the Champ at Lovehoney for $40.

Similar to toys I have enjoyed:

Glass Gem Garnet

This glass G-spot dildo features the timelessly effective G-spotting combination of C-curve and a bulbous end. It’s not going to fuck around. The Glass Gem Garnet is not as heavy or steeply curved as the njoy Pure Wand, meaning you might have to put more effort into finding your G-spot if you don’t already know where it is. However, for $25, it’s much more budget- and beginner-friendly.

LoveHoney Satisfy Me G

The Lovehoney Satisfy Me G is 7.5″ long, 1.6″ wide, and curved and contoured to reach whatever internal pleasure zone you desire: your G-spot, cervix, and anterior fornix can all be stimulated with this toy. One end is bigger and more bulbous, while the other end is slightly slimmer with vertical ridges along its length.

Its combination of moderate girth and silicone body means that it will suit most people, where the Dorcel SO might be too thick or too straight, or a glass toy too rigid. The Satisfy Me G is available in pink at LoveHoney for $29.

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Powerful G-spot vibrator:

BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy

I’m a total fan girl for BMS Factory and just absolutely head-over-heels for this vibrator. You can find my full review of the Pillow Talk Sassy here or get one from Peepshow Toys for $43.

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A-spot dildos

I’ve personally tried and recommend:

Blush Novelties Avant Pride P1

It’s soft, flexible, and bulbous with a slightly flattened head, great for massaging the prostate or A-spot. Oh, and it’s rainbow-striped and under $30. Full review here.

Chrystallino Galant by Shots

Chrystalino Gallant

Read my full review of the Chrystalino Gallant here. It has a gentle curve, two swelling bulbs, and a tapered tip, great for pressing against the front vaginal wall.

I haven’t tried, but I might like:

Satisfy Me Curve

The Satisfy Me Curve is the Satisfy Me G’s sibling and features a shaft with two undulating bulbs on one end. The other end is also a good, lower-priced contender for an A-spot dildo.

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Vibrators for size queens

In my review of the Sinclair Select Inspire vibrator, I explained why it’s so hard to find a good and girthy vibrator. There are, however, even bigger vibes than the Inspire that are still affordable, albeit they run on smaller batteries, so the Inspire is a little more rumbly.

However, for those who want heavier texture, Tom of Finland offers vibes with 2″ girth at $50. One has a slightly bent shaft with ridges, and another is a series of stacked balls. The latter is straight, so it’s not ideal for G-spot, but it will appeal to texture sluts.

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Clitoral vibrators

Something powerful:

Blush Novelties Gaia Eco, the absolute most rumbly vibrator you can get for $10

You can find my full review of the Gaia Eco here. This slimline (1″ wide) vibrator costs only $10 and it’s so rumbly for only taking AA batteries. This makes the Blush Gaia Eco vibrator the perfect option for a first vibrator as you’re learning about what your body likes. The vibrations aren’t just adequate, but actually ample! It’s literally the most powerful vibrator with separate batteries I have ever tried. Oh, and it’s biodegradable; you can take it to a recycling facility to recycle the plastic!

California Exotics Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker

The orgasms have a degree of explosiveness I don’t expect from a toy not plugged into the wall. Full review of the Marvelous Flicker here. As far as pinpoint power goes, it’s really hard to beat for a toy under $50.

Something gentle:

Picobong Ako Outie Vibe

If you’re willing to shell out $45, the Picobong Ako Outie Vibe features not 4, but 6 speeds options multiplied by 12 patterns, toggled by three buttons on an ergonomic and silicone-covered body. Picobong is a child company of LELO, but features toys that operate on separate batteries, making them an affordable taste of LELO’s luxury for those who don’t need lots of power.

I haven’t personally tried the Ako, but I have enjoyed its longer and insertable counterpart, the Zizo. Thus, I can confirm that the vibrations have enough range to suit most users. However, the shape of the Zizo is not great for G-spotting and the cap pops off too easily for A-spot/cervical stimulation.

Both are available in cerise, purple, and aqua.

For discretion


Discreet lipstick vibes aren’t hard to find via Google search, but so many of them use puny watch batteries, which are feeble, demand to be replaced very often, and are relatively difficult to find. The OVO D2 though? Like the Ako, it runs on 2 AAA batteries, while still being petite, cutesy, and able to pass off as a mascara or lipstick tube with its sleek, metallic appearance. It’s $25 and available in gold, fuschia, and pale pink.

Jopen Lust L2, L2.5, and L3

The Jopen Lust line includes the rumbliest clitoral vibes I’ve ever tried for the price. These tiny and rechargeable mini vibes are $50. The L2 (available in pink or purple) and L2.5 (pink or green) are curved and ergonomic, while the L3’s shape (purple) is straight and inert enough to pass as a tube of lip balm if someone was just glancing. Overall, they’re discreet and very reasonably priced for something rechargeable and rumbly.

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Harnessable dildos and butt basics

Okay, when it comes to harnessable silicone, Tantus rules. Hands down. It’d be too much effort to really explain individually why a bajillion Tantus toys are good. They’re body-safe, overall thoughtfully designed, and made by a super nice company with principles.

For starters, Tantus’s Grab Bag Program is pretty much designed for those shopping for sex toys on a budget. Leftover silicone that might otherwise be discarded is used to make mystery color toys out of the same mold as their standard toys, but with more cost-effectiveness.

I personally recommend:

Tantus Silk Large

Want a basic, average sized (7″ long by 1.5″ wide) thrustable dildo? The Tantus Silk Large was the first toy I acquired that I still own, and it remains a classic. Sleek and simple for those getting used to penetration, but slightly curved and bulged to add a little extra “oomph” and pressure around the cervix during deep penetration. $43 for purple and black options.

Other recommendations:

Tantus also has a variety of plugs and cock rings, which aren’t my thing but are worth pointing out.

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