BMS Factory Swan Wand review: big, rechargeable vibrator

I used to always recommend the BMS Factory Swan Wand when asked for recommendations for a powerful rechargeable vibrator. It not only boasts Hitachi-level earthquake power, but also two different sized ends with an independently controlled motor. One end is 2″ thick for broad external stimulation or girthy G-spot pressure, and one 1.5″ thick.

It is decidedly not for the faint of vagina. Between its power, versatile shape, ridiculously long battery life, and consistently positive reviews from power lovers, it is a no-brainer for size queens and power queens.

Yet despite others’ reviews, actually trying the Swan Wand tested my patience. I’ve learned to not lightly make recommendations based on others’ reviews, without my own personal comments. I adore the Swan Wand internally, but externally, its type of power doesn’t get along with my clitoris.

External Use

This is not a toy I can just hold against my vulva. In fact, I kind of hate using the broad end. I have to be very conscious about keeping it moving, lest I get temporarily numbed out. The numbing effect is inevitable and ridiculously fast, but stimulating different parts of my clitoris helps to delay it. As well, it’s not rumbly enough to put it on my inner thigh and let the vibrations travel indirectly.

When I turn the power up to combat the numbness, I generally have a weak orgasm. That’s how bad the numbing is. I could take a break for a few minutes and let the sensation recover, but I could just use a weaker vibrator and orgasm continuously the whole time. Basically, it’s every problem I had with the We-Vibe Tango AND numbing that I’ve never experienced to that extent before. With the Swan Wand, I either orgasm right away or I get frustrated. There’s rarely any in-between.

Do I still use the Swan Wand externally though? I definitely used to, when I just wanted an orgasm and didn’t really care about how long the orgasm was or how many I had. Its 8-hour battery life goes a long way despite its power output. Nowadays, I more often use the Eroscillator when I’m in that mood.

Internal Use

The thinner end is a versatilely moderate curve that’s steep enough to grind against many people’s G-spots, while gentle enough to not snag or pinch against the pubic bone. It’s also suitable for deeper penetration to press on the anterior fornix / A-spot. The patterns menu features pulses, waves, and escalations that I haven’t seen elsewhere and actually add to the experience– while a lot of other toys’ patterns are hit and miss, all I could see myself using all four of the pattern options on the Swan Wand. All of that is great and I can’t gloss over it.

However, the star of the show is the fat end. It irritates my urethra upon insertion, but once it’s in the difficult part is over. I hardly have to do anything to feel transcendentally blissed out. Tiny, tiny thrusts. The self-perpetuating pressure when I clench around the rigid resistance during an orgasm, making me come again and again. It’s all about the stretch and resistance in the right places.


I see reviews that say this toy is worth the price tag even if you can’t take the fat end, but as a clitoral lightweight, I can’t agree. I wouldn’t have bought the Swan Wand for just the thinner insertable end. It’s not the right kind of power for me externally, though I like the patterns internally. For size queens, there aren’t many big toys with this kind of power on the market; this is about as big and rumbly as you can go.

You can get the Swan Wand in hot pink for $120 at SheVibe.

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