California Exotics Marvelous Flicker Review: flickering tongue-shaped vibrator

California Exotics Marvelous Flicker Review: flickering tongue-shaped vibratorThe Marvelous Flicker is part of California Exotics’ Mini Marvels line of rechargeable silicone mini-vibes. This toy is the most notable of the line for its tongue-shaped body, pointy tip and targeted vibrations. It’s petite, travel-locked and waterproof. The tongue part is about 3.75″ long, but it’s decidedly an external toy; penetration doesn’t do it justice.

Flickering vibration sensation

My first thought upon turning on this vibrator was “YAAAASSSS!” It’s definitely one of the rumblier vibrators I’ve tried, and it’s very quiet. I could even see the rumble; the tip of the “tongue” shows a lot of movement up and down.

California Exotics Marvelous Flicker Review: flickering tongue-shaped vibratorIt doesn’t really feel like the flickering of oral sex. Just as the Eroscillator doesn’t actually feel like a finger moving back and forth, the Marvelous Flicker doesn’t actually feel like a tongue flicking up and down. However, I’d consider it a unique type of vibration that I very much appreciate.

There are 3 steady settings and 7 patterns. The lowest setting and pointy tip give ample power to get off. With panties on, it’s especially appreciable if I press down and use the flat face of the tongue for broader stimulation. Using it either way (pointy tip or broad face) gives me the long back-to-back orgasms I’ve come to love.

California Exotics Marvelous Flicker Review: flickering tongue-shaped vibrator

The pointy tip shines most in the faster speeds, where the orgasms aren’t only long, but also strong. I find that the second steady speed maximizes the best of both worlds. Reaching orgasm is quick, I easily keep up the plateau to come again and again, and the concentration of flickering in the tip delivers a degree of explosiveness I don’t often expect from a toy not plugged into the wall.

The Marvelous Flicker’s pinpoint nature also means that I can adjust the target more easily. I never stay in the same place for too long or go temporarily numb. This has been a problem for me with the really powerful, broad-headed vibrators, which are designed to vibrate my entire vulva.

Pattern settings I can actually use

Both internally and externally, I enjoy vibration patterns with quick pulses and drops in power that aren’t too long and drastic. The Marvelous Flicker satisfies these criteria. There are some pulsation settings that are slower than others, but the pauses are never long enough that I think, “why does this setting even exist?”

Control and charging

California Exotics Marvelous Flicker Review: flickering tongue-shaped vibratorTo turn the toy on, you have to hold down the top button for two seconds. This functions as an automatic travel lock so that an accidental nudge won’t be enough to make it buzz.

The other button is the one control for scrolling through the 10 settings. This is not ideal for me, as I’d prefer to have the option to scroll both ways instead of looping back to the previous setting. However, because refractory period isn’t much of an issue with this toy, I don’t find myself wanting to turn it down after an orgasm.

The Marvelous Flicker uses a USB charging cord. For fast charging, I suggest an outlet adapter rather than a computer. 2.5 hours of charging gives you between 40 minutes and 4 hours of playtime, depending on what speed setting you use.


My first clitoral vibrator review I ever wrote was a lukewarm review for the We-Vibe Tango, a powerful bullet vibe widely considered one of “the unbeatable three.”1 How dare I diss the Tango and then praise the Marvelous Flicker?! They’re both clit vibes with power and pointy tips!

It’s possible that my tastes have changed to tolerate more power since I tried the Tango three years ago. However, even if I tried the Tango now and liked it, the Marvelous Flicker is far more beginner-friendly. The choice between using its flat face and its pointy tip makes it suitable for a wider range of users, from clitoral lightweights like me to power princesses.

If you’re dead set on having as much power as you can in a bullet, the Tango ($80) is still for you. If you want a versatile and mid-priced clit vibe, consider the Marvelous Flicker ($67).


This toy was sent to me by in exchange for my honest review. All views expressed are entirely my own.

  1. The three are the Salsa (now discontinued), Tango, and Touch, all by We-Vibe.

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