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My favorite Valentine’s Day sales!

New here? You may want to read about my tastes in sex toys and check out my art for sale. Thanks for visiting!Note: please clear your cookies and then buy through these links. This ensures I get commission at no extra...


Cervical orgasms & stimulation: a BS-free guide to deep erogenous zones

Cervical orgasms are perhaps the most polarizing type of orgasms. Some people feel like their cervix and the surrounding areas (the vaginal fornices) are made of angelic white light. Others can’t fathom that playing around a body part associated with...


9 helpful things friends told me after I was sexually assaulted

You more than likely know a sexual assault survivor. It’s so common, but because it’s so heavy, many who want to be allies struggle to find the right thing to say. We’ve all heard horror stories about unsympathetic authorities and victim blamers...