About Me

You can call me Cy of Super Smash Cache. I’m a bisexual, switchy femme in a long-distance relationship. I am the Jill of All Trades, master of none: majored in biology, minored in art, modeling by day, performing by night, and side-hustling on this blog in between. My endless interests make my ADHD a blessing and a curse, going through phases of obsession.

The Super Smash Cache sex blog is my place to share my sex toy obsession. Here, I tell what I wish I’d known about sexuality sooner, and how sex toys have enhanced my life. Like many other American femmes, I grew up in a culture that was indifferent towards female pleasure, thus it didn’t encourage female masturbation or self-exploration. I seek to change that for my readers.

Feel free to email me and ask for recommendations at supersmashcache@gmail.com

What kind of toys do I like?

You can find my list of favorite toys and other toys I own here!


I’m faint of vagina in most departments, but I love length. I love cervical orgasms, stimulation in my posterior fornix, and being bottomed out. How much length I take depends on the girth, firmness, and shape of the toy, but I most often reach for thrustable toys of 7″ or longer.

For practical purposes, I will use “cervical stimulation” as an umbrella term for the cervix, the anterior fornix (the dip just in front of the cervix), and the posterior fornix (just behind the cervix) in general.


Clitoral vibrations aren’t my main thing, but I love patterned internal vibrations. With clit vibes, even though orgasms are easy, few will have Goldilocks’ “just right” in vibration pitch and intensity to give me the kind of orgasms I want: quick, intense, back-to-back, with little to no refractory period.

Vibrations too powerful give me short, fleeting orgasms. Vibrations too fast and buzzy have that same problem AND feel pinchy. The Hitachi Magic Wand numbs me out. Slow and shallow vibrations give me a decent plateau but not very intense. The tl;dr is that I like slow, deep vibrations.

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Email address: supersmashcache@gmail.com