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Review: Bswish Bwild Deluxe Bunny

About Rabbit Vibes Every time I hear the question, “Have you tried The Rabbit?” a tiny part of me eyerolls, and a bigger part of me thinks, “Hey, be nice. Just explain why it’s not your thing.” For one, when people say,...


Review: Vixen Creations VixSkin Outlaw

It’s no mystery that I love VixSkin. In fact, my rave review of Vixen Creations’ VixSkin Johnny is the most popular post on my blog. The tl;dr is that the firm inner core and squishy silicone outer layer not only...


Review: Fun Factory Bi-Stronic Fusion

Intro This toy was sent to me complimentary, courtesy of the Castle Sex Toys Megastore  in exchange for a review. The Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion is the only Stronic pulsator I’ve tried whose shape works for me. Let’s backtrack...


Review: BMS Factory Swan Wand

I used to always recommend the BMS Factory Swan Wand whenever asked for recommendations for a powerful rechargeable vibrator. It not only boasts Hitachi-style earthquake power, patterns that don’t totally dip in power, but also two different sized ends with an...


Review: Je Joue Uma

On paper, the Je Joue Uma looks like everything I’m looking for. In practice, it initially confused me into questioning what I really like. My overall sentiment about this toy is “It takes getting used to.” Yes, I’d replace it...


Review: Bodywand Midnight Original

The Bodywand Midnight was graciously sent to me by in exchange for a review, giving me a chance to try out a toy I otherwise would have been intimidated by. Wand-style vibrators are designed for power, meaning that while I was...


Review: Cal Ex Embrace G Wand

The versatility covers all bases for me. It’s delicious for quickies and long sessions alike. It’s like when you’re relishing a meal and move from appetizer to main course to dessert and think, “Damn, any one of those dishes would have hit the spot on its own, but the meal is so elevated as a whole because everything adds on to everything else and synergizes.”


Review: VixSkin Johnny

When trying out another dildo I like, I ask myself: would saying that I love that other toy, be fair to the Johnny? The answer is rarely ever “yes.”


Review: Crystal Delights Twist

The Crystal Delights Twist stands proudly on display whenever I have friends over. I have no shame. Between its unorthodoxly sexy curves and iridescent gleam, it’s not hard to tell why I flaunt it as part trophy, part art piece,...