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Foreskin and Sensitivity to Stimulation

This week, a new and poorly interpreted study by Bossio et al. about the sensitivity of circumcised vs. intact penises has been circulating and, once again, people are falling for the clickbait debate about foreskin without actually reading the study. What headlines say:...


Vibrators, Sensitivity, & “Vibrator Addiction”

Even the most supportive friends can have misconceptions. “I don’t know how you still have sensitivity,” I often hear when I talk about my We-Vibe Tango. “Don’t vibrators numb you? I mean, a man can’t compete with that.” My short answer is,...

You can find the G-spot by hooking just slightly past the pubic bone 0

The G-spot exists. Cut the pedantic semantics.

The G-spot is the area of, for many people, sensitive tissue accessible on the front wall of the vagina, near where the pubic bone recedes. It’s nicknamed such because Grafenberg coined the name for it in the 1970s. Bullshit claim:...