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Great Sex Toys on a Budget

It’s a question I get frequently asked: “Can you recommend me a good toy that’s not too pricey?” I decided to put together this index so that I’m always prepared to answer. Finding an effective sex toy on a budget (for...


Review: Bodywand Midnight Original

The Bodywand Midnight was graciously sent to me by in exchange for a review, giving me a chance to try out a toy I otherwise would have been intimidated by. Wand-style vibrators are designed for power, meaning that while I was...

Vibrators, Sensitivity, & “Vibrator Addiction” 5

Vibrators, Sensitivity, & “Vibrator Addiction”

Even the most supportive friends can have misconceptions. “I don’t know how you still have sensitivity,” I frequently hear when I talk about my We-Vibe Tango. “Don’t vibrators numb you? I mean, a man can’t compete with that.” My short answer is,...


Review: Cal Ex Embrace G Wand

The versatility covers all bases for me. It’s delicious for quickies and long sessions alike. It’s like when you’re relishing a meal and move from appetizer to main course to dessert and think, “Damn, any one of those dishes would have hit the spot on its own, but the meal is so elevated as a whole because everything adds on to everything else and synergizes.”


Review: VixSkin Johnny

When trying out another dildo I like, I ask myself: would saying that I love that other toy, be fair to the Johnny? The answer is rarely ever “yes.”


Review: Crystal Delights Twist

The Crystal Delights Twist stands proudly on display whenever I have friends over. I have no shame. Between its unorthodoxly sexy curves and iridescent gleam, it’s not hard to tell why I flaunt it as part trophy, part art piece,...


Review: We-Vibe Tango

The We-Vibe Tango is one of the “it” toys, nearly universally lauded among sex bloggers as the most powerful clitoral vibrator of its size class. And for that reason, it was admittedly not a toy I would have tried if...


Review: Tantus Splash

I won a gorgeous, peacock-blue Splash from Tantus, Inc. in Emmeline Peaches‘ “3,000 Followers” giveaway. The sex geek in me is ecstatic about obtaining a limited version of a discontinued sex toy. It’s a bittersweet entanglement where I relish making people...

The G-spot exists. Cut the pedantic semantics. 2

The G-spot exists. Cut the pedantic semantics.

Bullshit claim: “The G-spot doesn’t exist.” Clarification: When a reliable source says the G-spot doesn’t exist, what it really means is that it’s not its own structure, but rather either the urethral sponge or part of the internal clitoris. The...